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#87 Craft Shoot

Today we shot our craft items for the November/December issue. I went a little crazy at the craft store and bought a ton of ribbon to have on hand. I’m always nervous I’ll be missing/forgetting something… It all went well though, and now I’m excited to put it all together on the page!


#86 Cooler Air

It’s getting cool here in NJ, and I’m loving that the air conditioners are off and sweatpants are back in season. As someone who loves to be a tiny bit chilly when she sleeps, this season is perfect. Having to get out of bed in the morning when it’s cold out is another story…

#85 New Light

After church, we finished up our very first lighting install successfully! I love the way the chandelier looks and that it makes the room so much brighter than the old one. As much as I’d like to spend all our money and finish everything at once, I’m trying to value the incremental progress! 

#84 Shopping

Today we went to IKEA for lunch and to check out some couches I had my eye on. We weren’t super impressed, but did leave with some assorted other items (of course)! After, we went to West Elm, sat on a few couches, and bought some pillow shams that were on sale. We also started to put up a new chandelier in the dining room, but got cut short when we needed a longer screw for the ceiling mount. Hopefully that’ll get finished tomorrow!

#83 Football & a Movie

Tonight was another Ridgewood football game. We were both starving when we got there, so as soon as the pizza arrived (Santonis!), we were at the concessions ordering four slices! We played Bergen Tech, and were up by quite a bit at halftime, so we opted to leave. At home, we watched The Big Sick. It was cute, but I didn’t think it was as awesome as it had been reviewed. At least now I can say I’ve seen it!

#82 Eating Out

Today was the perfect cool fall temperature in New York. I probably could have dressed a little warmer, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Tonight, Ryan and I shared fajitas and a skillet cookie with ice cream at Chili’s. Now, I’m full & happy watching the Nationals play the Cubs. Crossing my fingers!

#79 The Man at the Train Station

There is a man at the Secaucus train station that I have been trying to figure out for a while. Almost every morning, he gives a loud and gregarious speech, but because I only hear about 5 seconds of it clearly as I pass him on my way to the escalator, I couldn’t figure out what exactly he was talking so passionately about. At first, his cadence made me think he might be lecturing as a professor would, but then again, I thought, maybe he was preaching. 

I finally started putting the pieces together last week and decided that he is indeed giving a sermon on these mornings. I don’t usually make eye contact with strangers as I walk to the train (bad habit or good habit, I don’t know), but I did make eye contact with the man this morning as he was saying something about God having a purpose for us. He looked right at me and said, “Be the better person at work today.” I nodded and gave him a slight smile, but – man! – I felt like he saw right through me. That is a statement that I need to remember often, and it set the tone for my day. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to really meet this man, given that he is always in the middle of a speech when I see him, but he made today better. That doesn’t seem coincidental. 

#78 Tidying Up

While Ryan was speaking at Bloomsburg, I took the morning and early afternoon to get the house organized for another week. I hadn’t done laundry in two weeks, so that was much needed! When Ryan got home, he cleaned the bathroom (🙌🏼), and then we relaxed on the couch to watch last night’s Saturday Night Live. I just wish the weekend were a little longer!