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#2 A Quiet Night

I didn’t feel too well at work today, but I did finish a project that’s been hanging over my head! I was happy to head home right on time (only a 50 minute commute today!), and it was the best feeling walking into our clean dining room. I cooked myself a pot of spaghetti, and enjoyed it for a while.

ridgewood train station

Later, I needed to put something in the mail, so I took Henry out to the post office. (In the photo, we’re walking under the train station.) On the way, there was a bronze statue of a little terrier trying to get a bite of a child’s ice cream cone. Henry started growling at it as we walked by, which made me laugh out loud. He’s a funny little guy – not too keen about strangers or other dogs, but the best snuggler with the ones that he loves.



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