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#1 Dutch Licorice

Today, I am going to begin logging one good thing (at least) about every day. I have to admit that the inspiration for this comes from Erin Napier, host of HGTV’sย Home Town. I am a big fan of her show, but an even bigger fan of her blog, where she is up to day 2,367 of posting great memories. She doesn’t overdo it – just a few sentences to recap the day, but I always feel uplifted. I thought it would be nice to start creating something myself that I can look back on 2,367 days later. We’ll see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

On Friday morning, Ryan left for SPECTACULAR, a huge camp for high schoolers across the country in his hometown of Lamoni, IA. I would love to be there, but work has kept me home. I don’t mind too much though because it gives me a chance to really get in the zone and do some projects I’ve been wanting to do to make our house feel more put together.

We’ve hopped from place to place since getting married two years ago, so I’m so excited by the fact that we are now renting a house that gives me the freedom to decorate how I want. Plus, I know that I’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of whatever labor I do for at least a few years!


This weekend, I painted our dining room a dark navy blue called “Dutch Licorice.” I think it plays so well with the woodwork and makes all of our colorful knick knacks pop. It was my first time buying paint EVER, but it wasn’t as nerve wracking as I imagined. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I can’t wait to wake up and see this room in the morning light!





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